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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

graded potential

status : nearing to block 4 exam and university exam.
mode : struggling

time flies. few weeks before wrapping up 1st year medical school, insyaAllah. few weeks before going back to kelantan :)))

juniors from INTEC have started to ask lotsa questions regarding Manipal. The studies, the life here. InsyaAllah, if time permits, I'll write something about that here. might be useful for those who may be coming here this september. oh ya. FYI, most of the seniors will be on vacation, so we wont be able to entertain u guys by the time u arrive india :) but dont worry. there must be some seniors who are not going back to malaysia.

one big exam is coming very sooon. 
part kita, USAHA.

the rest, serah kat ALLAH.

cukuplah Allah bagiku.

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