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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan sekalian alam.

I've spent almost one whole day, updating my blog. And yeah,alhamdulillah, here it is. New look. New hope. :D
Well, thousand of apologies, guys! I was hibernated for a while. Lotsa things to be updated, to be written here, but for some reasons, i just can't. Err, one of it was, I really really wanted to change the blog layout. urgh! I was getting bored of it! Just wanna get rid of it. =,='

enough said.

heyy heyy heyy!
itu dulu. MONTHS ago.

Now is much more important.
The present.
Seriously not the past.

well NOW,
blog saya dah totally different! 
kan? kan? kan?

i will update my blog, as much as possible.
* ok ainin? =)

do visit me here!

** cheq, I MADE IT!
***seriously i am wayyyy too happy for the new look!

extra info :
started the blog transformation on 1st Rejab
done on 2nd Rejab, before makan sahur :)


zaiy said...

cantek! adek suke! :D

ainin said...

i'm too happy jgak hearing that.


senang kasi putih je background habis cerita... mcm blog saya ;)

madhiah said...

adek : cantik kan? wee~ time kasehhh!

cheq : =)) sgt happy! thnks to u!!

abg ihsan : err. nnti tgk blog sndri bosan. then xmau update. aish. hehe. abg xpelah. simple but gmbr2 tu yg buat nice! :D

Megat Shah said...

hah marilah bersame same memeriahkan dunie membelog..hehe..btw nice template

madhiah said...

bebunge2 lak weh skrg. =p

madhiah said...

thnkss megat!

shakina bt ghariff said...

honestly, nina tak reti pun tukar layout. tu la dari dulu sampai sekarang sama je.

madhiah said...

nina. cari je template kt mana-mana. download, and then upload file tu. kalau zip, kena extract dlu. okey?

nina pny layout da cun dah! :D