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Friday, May 17, 2013

smaller than a bacteria


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I was writing and finishing my microbiology journal when I suddenly realized one thing. 
I found out something that makes me feel even smaller than any tiny microbe or bacteria in this world.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 
The one that cause Tuberculosis (TB)

To demonstrate the presence of the bacteria in our body system, we have to stain the smear with some dye so that the bacteria will be visualized. Decolouriser will then be added that will decolourise the    dye we just add. Another dye will be added to again make the bacteria appear coloured. 

For your information, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a special bacteria. It resist decoloriser. It retains the colour of the 1st dye we use. 

It accepts dye that make it more beautiful ( as it appears in coloured form )
BUT, it resists any form of disturbances that give negative impact on it. 

a tiny bacteria know how to take care of the bad influence. 
it resists it. 
no matter how bad it is. 

then what about us ?
don't we have anything as protection ?

yes we do have.
it is IMAN.

that can be the shield . 
that will guide our behaviour.

take care of your iman.

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sofiainin. said...

I love this post more than everything:)