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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Officially A Blood Donor !

Blood Type : O

and now I'm officially donating the universal blood, after the first attempt wasn't succeed. :)
Last year my blood was like 'cair', lacking of iron, less of haemoglobin. But not anymore !

The process was kinda fast, compared to the others. Not really painful, just a slight one. Alhamdulillah, I didn't feel dizzy at all. siap boleh wall climbing on the next day. The experience was GREAT ! The feeling was AWESOME ! Donating your blood means that you're helping others, without knowing each other. We don't really have to know, right? Barulah kita tak bekira-kira sangat jasa kita kat orang. After all, the hospital cannot function well without blood. Bukannya satu bag darah tu boleh tolong semua patients kat situ kan? but at least, kita tolong apa yang termampu :)

While waiting for my turn, I remembered a book, written by Cecelin Ahern. It is about a divorced man who donates his blood, and at the same time, wishes that something miracle can happen. He wants to know badly to whom his blood is transferred, although the information is private and confidential. And actually miracles happen when a divorced woman receives a blood transfusion, after experiencing a traumatic abortion. She remember all things and facts that she don't really have any idea about them before. The blood that she received is actually the man's, and those memories are his.

here's the book! 

you should give it a try!

overall, the day was fantastic. one of my wishlist is doneee! but there's one thing that bother me. I didn't get the chocolate muffin :( but the nurse gave me a bread, vanila flavor :p



teringat masa derma darah kali pertama kat intec dulu. kena cucuk kat dua2 tangan sebab darah pekat sgt + tekanan darah rendah. gabung dua dua belah tgn punya darah baru dapat satu pint yang diperlukan tuh... huhuhu

madhiah said...

owh. itu sangat la best. hhehe. hari tu ambik darah tak lah lama. laju je darah keluar. yang lama nak tunggu tekan tempat darah tu je.

Anonymous said...

I read the book halfway.....

madhiah said...

che nor : baca la smpai habis. buleh kiro laa. hehe